Silverstein Open Letter to Voters

Silverstein Open Letter to Voters

Dear Friend,

What a brutal campaign!  I wanted to clear the air and directly address the misleading statements and just plain lies told by my opponent.

I do not support higher taxes.  I have proposed a property tax freeze and changing our State Income Tax System to a graduated one.  I believe that Illinois, and its reliance on a flat tax, property and sales taxes, has one of the most regressive tax structures in the United States.  The wealthy do not pay their fair share.

I have worked to get guns off our streets.  I have proposed and passed legislation to require additional licensing on gun sellers, holding sellers civilly liable, expanding background checks and now banning assault type weapons.  Not only have I worked hard on the gun issue, I have modified the criminal code to give Law Enforcement the tools they need to protect our families.  That is why all major Law Enforcement Groups have endorsed me.

I never took $2 million from special interests.  In fact, in over 19 years, I have not even raised anywhere near that amount with most donations coming from voters such as you.

Many of you know me personally and know how much I value representing you. Please do not believe the misstatements of my opponent.  If you have any questions, you can contact me directly at 773-761-0050.


Senator Ira I. Silverstein
Illinois State Senate, District 8