Reasons to Re-Elect

Reasons to Re-Elect

Dear Friend,

I’m Senator Ira Silverstein. I am running for re-election as your State Senator. I have been honored to represent you for a number of years. And during that time, I have sponsored or supported legislation that has assisted working families in the 8th District. Here are just a few:

  • Gun Control: Restricted the sale and resale of guns, restricted access to FOID Cards. Banned the sale of many military style weapons.
  • Increased Minimum Wage: Established a schedule for the raising of the state minimum wage over the next few years.
  • Equal pay Act: Modified the act to assure individuals are paid based on merit and performance by excluding prior pay requirements or inquiries from establishing pay.
  • Trust Act: Prevented the use of local police to deport undocumented residents. Made Illinois a Sanctuary State.

If you would like to find out more about my campaign and keep up to date on all of the election news, please follow me online at:

If you have any questions, please respond to this email or contact my campaign directly at

I look forward to working with you all to keep on improving the 8th District!


Senator Ira I. Silverstein
Illinois State Senate, District 8