Re-Elect Ira Silverstein – OUR Award-Winning State Senator

Re-Elect Ira Silverstein – OUR Award-Winning State Senator

Ira Silverstein has been one of the most effective legislators. He has been recognized for his abilities and has been chosen to be a member of Senate Leadership. Senator Silverstein’s legislative accomplishments are too numerous to fully outline, but here are a few…

To Ensure Public Safety, Senator Silverstein sponsored or supported:

  • Gun Control Legislation | SB1657 Restricts sale and resale of guns by expanding licensing requirements. Senator Silverstein sponsored numerous other pieces of legislation to restrict FOID cards, restrict sale of certain types of guns and ammunition.
  • Criminal Justice Reform | SB1722 Comprehensive criminal justice reforms-tougher sentencing for repeat gun offenders.
  • Cyberstalking | HB3711 Specifies the crime of cyberstalking which includes intimidation, stalking, transmission of obscene messages. It labels cyberstalking as a possible hate crime and creates a civil penalty for hate crimes.
  • Child Sex Abuse and Domestic Battery | SB189 Protects victims of sexual assault by removing the statute of limitations for sex crimes committed against children.

To improve working Conditions, Senator Silverstein sponsored or supported:

  • Increase Minimum Wage | SB0081 Establishes a schedule for the raising of the State minimum wage over the next few years.
  • Equal Pay Act | HB2462 Modifies act to assure individuals are paid based on merit and performance by excluding prior pay requirements or inquires from establishing pay.
  • Prevailing Wage | HB3044 Preserves the requirement to collect data and report, and make sure wages are paid accordingly.
  • Paid Sick Leave | HB2771 Requires employers to provide specified paid sick days to employees.

To protect Our Rights, Senator Silverstein sponsored or supported:

  • Trust Act | SB31 Prevents use of local police to deport undocumented residents. Makes Illinois a Sanctuary State.
  • Student Loan Bill of Rights | SB1351 Creates the student loan Bill of Rights, which prohibits loan servicers from engaging in any unfair or deceptive practices toward any borrower or cosigner.
  • Victims Right Protection | HB4266 Strengthens laws that protect the privacy of crime victims and improves upon previously supported and passed laws by Senator Silverstein.
  • Foster Children’s Bill of Rights | HB3542 Provides that it is the policy of the State that every child and adult in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services who is placed in foster care shall have the right to be placed in the least restrictive and most family-like setting available.
  • Establish Long Term Ombudsman | SB0798 Expands the Long-Term Care Ombudsman program previously passed by Senator Silverstein to cover seniors over 60 without disabilities and those under with.

To Enhance Education, Senator Silverstein sponsored or supported:

  • Education Funding Reform | SB1 Changes the manner in which State funding to schools is determined to one that is based on performance.
  • Elected School Board in Chicago | HB1774 Establishes that in 2019 Chicago will elect a school board with 20 locally elected representatives.
  • School Construction/Renovation Fund | SB1479 Establishes a program to assist local school construction by providing State funding, eliminating the need to increase property taxes for renovation and construction of schools.
  • College Credit Transfer Assurance | HB2404 Mandates that courses taken at a Community College be transferred to a four-year institution.


A Partial List of Awards and Honors Given to Senator Silverstein
  • Friend of Consumers Award
  • Jewish Council for Youth Services – Appreciation
  • Illinois Committee for Honest Government – Outstanding Service
  • Skokie School District 73.5 – Appreciation
  • American Cancer Society – Recognition for Service
  • Albany Park Neighborhood Council – Outstanding Service
  • Champion of Chicago Mentally Ill
  • Work Force Diversity Institute – Outstanding Contributions
  • Illinois Health Care Association – Legislator of the Year
  • Albany Park Neighborhood Council – Leadership Award
  • Hero Award- American Society of Surgeons
  • Jane Addams Senior Caucus – Certificate of Appreciation
  • IVI/IPO – Best Legislative Records (3 times)
  • Irish American Heritage Center – Recognition of Achievement
  • Skokie Park District – Community Service Award
  • Long Term Care Coalition – Legislator of the Year
  • Albany Park/Mayfair – Community Investment Award
  • Public Service Award – Agudath Israel of Illinois
  • Metropolitan Family Services – Partner Award
  • Chicago Coalition for the Homeless – Honors Award
  • EMHS – Outstanding Achievement


Senator Ira I. Silverstein – Fighting for What is Right

  • Improving and fully funding our schools
  • Limiting guns on our streets
  • Increasing penalties for repeat offenders
  • Reducing property taxes
  • Increasing the minimum wage
  • Making heath care more affordable
  • Expanding our area’s economy and increasing jobs
  • Continuing to obtain State grants for local projects