Senator Ira Silverstein Continues His Fight to Remove Guns from Our Street

Senator Ira Silverstein Continues His Fight to Remove Guns from Our Street

Ira Silverstein has been an advocate of removing guns from our streets to assist in stopping the violence in Cook County.   Senator Silverstein’s latest measure introduced as Senate Bill 3448 would close a dangerous loophole which allows felons to receive FOID cards and concealed carry licenses in Illinois.

After a recent incident in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, a convicted felon involved in a shooting was discovered to have changed his identity and successfully received a FOID card and concealed carry permit when he applied under his new legal name.

“If we mandated the use of fingerprints as the only method of identification when one applies for a FOID card or Conceal and Carry permit, this felon would never have been able to purchase a gun” Silverstein said.  Fingerprints would have identified this man as a felon and disqualified him from owning a gun, but fingerprinting is not required in Illinois now to get a firearm owner’s identification card or concealed carry permit,” Silverstein noted. “We must close this loophole and ensure permits are only issued to those proven to be legally eligible in a thorough background check with mandatory fingerprints.”

Illinois allows an applicant to submit fingerprints to expedite the process but not as a requirement for each applicant. Silverstein’s proposal would require fingerprints be submitted for every application and checked against Department of Corrections records to ensure a felon doesn’t acquire a permit, by any name.

This incident in Humboldt Park is a wakeup call.

“Right now, we can’t know how many other felons may have used this same loophole or, of those who have used it, how many may be engaged in criminal activity,” Silverstein said. “I believe making fingerprints mandatory for a permit is an important measure to protect our community and not an undue burden on applicants or the Illinois State Police.”

Senator Silverstein said that this is the first in a serious of legislative actions he is planning in the next few weeks to take more guns off our streets. Stay Tuned